Night Routine

Last month, I shared my morning routine with you.  Doing all those things help me make a great start to my day, despite the fact that I am not a morning person.  Of course I could not do it easily if I don’t prepare some things the night before.  Enter my night routine.

Floor recovery.

The first thing we do after loading the dishwasher is to find our loungeroom floor.  Throughout the day, this room often looks like a massive storm has been.  Toys strewn about, balls lined up from the lounge to the kitchen, bits of food on the pristine (not!) carpets, books scattered everywhere.  My mind craves a sense of order after hours of chaos, and this is where it begins.  We pick up the plastic building blocks and zip the bag closed, put the books back on their respective shelves, balls in the toy box, and run the broom or vacuum cleaner across.  My obsessive-compulsive nature derives great satisfaction from fluffling up the throw pillows and arranging them neatly on top of the lounge.

Seeing the floor clear signals the end of the day for me. Oh what a relief it is, just to see the carpet once more.

Get the uniforms and bags ready.

From a young age, we were taught to prepare our school uniforms the night before.  We made sure all pieces of clothing we need were in hangers, the small items tucked neatly, and the whole thing placed in front of our wardrobe or hung up on the back of a chair.  Bags were readied;  shoes polished.  Our morning alarm went off at 6 am and that leaves us very little time to eat, shower and get dressed before the school bus arrived at around 6:30 am.  I tell you, it was mayhem every time we woke.  I pity my poor mother who had to deal with our mess afterward.

Nowadays, we tend to do the same, even for those who do not need to go to school.  I still get my clothes ready at night and hang them in a rack near the bedroom door.  My bag stays by my side of the bed, ready to go in under five minutes.

Put the kettle on.

While the dishwasher is still humming, I fill the kettle to the brim and light the stove.  We like to have hot water in the Thermos all day, so it is usually refilled after dinner and before breakfast.  As I wait for the water to boil, I inspect all our jars and refill empty ones from the pantry.  The jug of drinking water is washed and refilled as well.  When the dishwasher beeps, the dishes and cutlery are stowed away, clean and ready to be used again.

Time to top up jars from the pantry. The last thing I want in the morning is to be rushing to grab some flour, milk powder, salt, coffee or sugar only to see it completely empty.

Final touches.

As bedtime nears, we go around the house to check that all doors and shades are closed , the curtains drawn, the pet fish fed.  If the kids are hungry, I usually whip up a snack (their all-time favourite is mac and cheese).  While doing this, I think about what’s for breakfast the next day…  Pancakes, you say?  Well then, let mummy get the batter mixed and ready to go in the fridge for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Batter pre-mixed at night…
Means we get to have hot, fluffy pancakes for breakfast… without the fuss! Pass the maple syrup, will you?

What about you?  Have you got a nighttime routine, too?


The Morning Routine

I am not a morning person.  Up until a few years ago, I would wake up no earlier than 8 am (often much later) and drag my feet all morning until I am sane enough to tackle the day.  It is no wonder I struggled through the first few months of being a stay-at-home parent, and eventually having a school-age child.

Dough on the rise and ready to be cut.

Nowadays, I look forward to starting my day early.  Waking up before the kids are awake is THE best thing since sliced bread!  It means I get to enjoy my cup of coffee in peace, free from the screams and babbling.  It is just the most relaxing, calming moment.


In those first few minutes while I sip my hot drink, I mentally go through everything that needs to be done for the day. Often, it is a load of washing, or some baking that needs to be dealt with. Occasionally it could be other tasks, like calling banks or decluttering the kitchen. It takes no more than five minutes, but it makes all the difference especially when there is a lot to be done and there is an optimal order of doing them. There is something about that time of day that speaks to me gently. The soothing sound of the birds chirping, the neighbours’ car engines purring, the golden sunrise peeking through the blinds in the bedroom window.

Proofing now… Nearly there…

The kids’ alarm rings and then it is time to wake them and get ready for school. The moment everyone is out of bed, I fluff up the pillows and smooth out the sheets. As I walk around the house with toddler in tow, I tie the curtains, pull the shades up, and open the windows and doors. Sunlight fills our home and soon the pot is filled. Breakfast, and lunch for the schoolkid is made, and the kettle whistles softly to let me know that another day has begun.  

Hot bread rolls, ready for the taking.  Now where is that butter knife?

I go through my day knowing that when the sun goes down, my bed will be ready for me — with its sheets refreshingly cool and pillows so soft, offering a respite for my tired but happy self. And tomorrow I start my morning routine again.

Tell me, what is yours?