Ensaymada (Sweet Cheese Brioche)

On a recent visit to the library, I brought home a book called 7000 Islands.  The author, Yasmin Newman, writes about growing up in Sydney and being exposed her mum’s Filipino heritage by way of its cuisine.

Getting everything ready.

I started flicking through the pages today to see which recipe I can try, bearing in mind that I needed to fill the bread tin.  I could not have picked a better recipe to start with!  This buttery, sweet, cheese-topped brioche, fondly called Ensaymada, is a real star.  Here is her recipe.

After the first rise.  Cutting the dough into 12 to fit my paper-lined cupcake tin.

Filling the flattened dough balls with softened butter and grated cheese, and rolling them up like logs.

Shaping like snails, and into the tin for proofing.

Swirly dough balls have doubled, ready for baking!

Cooling in tins.  Time to cream the butter and sugar, and grate some more cheese.

Assembly time.  I might have licked the buttercream-filled spoon afterward.  Oops.

Ta-daaa!  Ready to devour.

Eating this today brought back memories from my youth.  I hope you give it a go.  Best with a cup of hot, black coffee and some company to chat with.


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