Five Frugal Things

Over at Kristen’s, she talked about her usual Five Frugal Things.  As I had my second cuppa of the day, I began my own list and here is what I came up with.

1)  I made bread.

It was a bit overcast (no free solar power for us) so I decided to let the breadmaker do all the work.  My trusty old Panasonic makes an okay loaf — the best I have found among the handful of breadmakers I have had.

2)  I sliced/diced/grated cheese from a block.

Now I know this sounds strange to some, but I used to baulk at the thought of preparing cheese myself.  I would buy them cubed, shredded, sliced… but never in blocks.  Luckily I have overcome my laziness (at least for that part of my life) and now only stock up on blocks of cheese.  It is, after all, the same cheese for a fraction of the cost.  And a little elbow grease would certainly not hurt me.

3)  I saved a plum pit to propagate.

Mr Meagre has been bringing home some excellent black plums so I have been saving the pits from the children’s fruit for future rootstock.  I usually keep them in pots on the kitchen windowsill until they sprout, on the heatmat in the winter, or directly into pots outside in the spring/summer. 

4)  I refilled the foaming hand soap bottles.

I think I learned this trick from Wendy.  One part regular hand soap to four parts tap water equals a frugal version of the foaming hand wash refill.  The change is not noticeable apart from the less overpowering scent, and there is one less working dispenser bottle thrown into recycling.  I keep an empty hand soap refill bottle under the sink to mix them well without shaking. 

5)  I made a shopping list.

Here at the Meagre house we try to do a monthly shop, and weekly top ups are only for milk and fresh produce.  Occasionally, I would see something we need on half price special at a certain shop so I check the catalogues for any other items on our shopping list for this month or the next.  This week, the big bags of Australian grown rice are on half price so I will be getting that along with some other things like sugar and pasta.  That part of the pantry should be set for a month or two.

What have you done today (consciously or unconsciously) that saves you money or time?


2 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things

    1. It does taste better doesn’t it? I must confess I haven’t been very observant about the melting, though. Thanks for giving me a new incentive to grate my own, Valerie. I always need motivation when I grate.


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