In the Garden: January

We live in the western fringe of Melbourne, a place with average rainfall in the warm temperate region.  The past winter/spring has been really wet, though.  We are supposedly in the midst of summer at the moment, but occasionally we are still getting cool, spring-like temperatures.

This is what’s in the garden at the moment:

Braided garlic ready to use.  On the left:  California White;  on the right:  Tasmanian Purple.  These were harvested in December.

Immature fruits on the grafted Dwarf Ichikekeijiro Persimmon.  It has been here for just two winters.  I thought it died last year because it lost all its leaves even before autumn started.

Our first pomegranates!  These ones are a variety called Elche.

Baby White Adriatic figs.  I can’t wait to pick them.

Tiny olives on our one-year old tree.  We only have one kind (Verdale) but the neighbour’s tree must have pollinated it.

Growing the West Indian Lime and Custard Apple (African Pride) from seed.  Lychee seeds from Aldi are in the background (left), and some apricot seeds are in the middle back pot.  I also stuck some China Flat peach, Black plum, and Kensington Pride mango pits today.  We shall see how they go.

My first successful capsicum from seed.  These are Capsicum Perennial from Green Harvest.  I think I was planting them too late in the past.

Autumn-planted multiplier brown onions are just beginning to be ready.  The white ones are still green.  On the right are turmeric, and ginger in pots.

Very pleased with this rescued lemon tree from the big green shed.  We found it toppled over and uprooted last spring.  A careful repotting and good feed was all it took.  It is now laden with fruit and hopefully we’ll know which variety it is by winter.  The leaves smell like Meyer lemon so my money is on that.

Apple trees I grafted last spring.  These are heritage apples on dwarfing rootstock and I plan to keep them in pots as columnar apples.

How is your garden looking?  Are you getting ready for autumn/winter or still planning to get through the summer?


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